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Canned Oxygen: 89% Pure Oxygen

 Power Oxygen (Canned) by Big OX
Power Oxygen (Canned) by Big OX
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Big Ox liquid oxygen is a portable oxygen for people with a busy on-the-go lifestyle who need a quick boost either in the gym, at the office or outside enjoying a hike or a bike ride. Big Ox contains 89% pure oxygen (compared to the 21% that we breath in) in a flavorful blast.

Big Ox ingredients

Liquid Oxygen is brought into the warehouse and one drop is added to each can. When closed, the oxygen is expanded into the gas form of O2. The machine that puts the oxygen into the can calculates the percentage at 89%. The other 11% is ambient air, (the air in which you breathe). The reason there is 89% oxygen is because anything 90% or above is considered medical grade. We are not medical grade. Big Ox is considered for recreational use only. All can filling is done in a certified clean room. The flavoring, which is stored in the cap, is nothing different than a mint lozenge. It is basically flavored food oil.

Big Ox cans are made of recyclable materials. We encourage you to recycle Big Ox cans.